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You asked… we listened!  Your IDEAS in action.


TELUS launched Outbound Calling Name Display (OCND), which enables you to have your account name displayed with your number when you place an outgoing call.


What do you need to know?


Self Serve only

This feature must be managed by the customers via Self Serve. 

Account holder’s name only

  • Only the account holder’s full billing name will be used for all numbers on the same account.
  • The subscriber names will not be used, and names will not be customizable.

VoLTE required

In order for OCND to work, customers must be provisioned with VoLTE and have a VoLTE enabled device.

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Unfortunately this feature still appears to have problems or is only partially implemented.    


Outbound name data is not being transmitted outside of the Telus network to all other providers.  Doing a packet capture on VOIP calls made (bandwidth and iristel DID) after having this feature added proved that only the number was being displayed to outside networks.  


Attempted a few times to get support reps to put in a repair ticket to have it fixed.  Each time they had me call a Telus number where the name works and then claimed the feature only works for Telus to Telus calls so no escalation on the issue was allowed.  (Does Telus punish support reps when they issue a trouble ticket to higher tier support?)


Sorry, but for now it's a failure.  Fix your network and stop stripping off the data when exchanging calls with other carriers before announcing the feature is ready.  





I don’t mean to sound ungrateful as this has taken a few years to be implemented but were the family plan users consulted/ thought of with this feature? 


The reason I ask is we have 8 lines on my account. 


It seems a tad silly that ALL 8 people will have the same outgoing name display.

Is there a revision or a hot fix possible to go by subscriber name?


Surely, I can’t be the only one thinking that it must be some issues/mistake with having all 8 people have the same outgoing caller Id.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @mrnngg! Name customization is unfortunately not allowed. This is to prevent fraudsters from impersonating someone else in order to fool the person they are calling. The display name comes from the name used to create the TELUS account, therefore all plan members will display the same name. Plan members who don’t want to display this name can remove Outbound Calling Name Display.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Upcraft! This is a telecom issue globally, not a TELUS issue. At the moment we don't have an ETA on when this will be resolved. 


@C_Fun This is a weak excuse "to prevent fraudsters".  So Telus, who sells family plans, who encourages people to be on the same account with individual phone numbers, is going to have everyone with the same name?


Rogers doesn't do that,.  Rogers allows people to have multiple names according to who is using the phone  This is not an industry standard at all, it is Telus inconveniencing people in the name of a misguided problem.  Have you enabled stirred/shaken protocols to alert people about numbers being legit or not?


Not sending the name to other carriers is another undesirable thing.  Why would they do that? It makes no sense.  None.


This sounds a lot like the screwed up logic that Telus uses to prevent people from using wifi calling outside of Canada.


Whomever is coming up with these ideas seems more intent upon causing customers grief than solving problems.




@C_Fun @Upcraft   This is a problem globally?  Are you referring to transmitting the name from a mobile phone to a phone on another network?  I have several phones and I was suspicious about this, so I did a test, and I can tell you that it is *not* a problem globally.  Again, Rogers has figured out how to do this.   And I called a place that did NOT have me listed as a contact, so it was completely dependent upon the header in the call.


Maybe talk to whomever told you this is a "global" problem and let them know they are mistaken.  I'd be glad to prove it.

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