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How to add the Easy Roam Pass

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With Easy Roam, customers travelling to the US or to an international destination can continue enjoying the benefits of their current rate plans (minutes, texting and data) at a flat daily rate!


If you are a frequent traveller to the U.S. or a part-time resident, consider our Canada-US Your Choice rate plan options. Bring your phone number with you and use your voice, text and data plan in Canada and the U.S. any time. Click here for more details. 


There are a few easy ways to add Easy Roam:

Easy Roam via Text


  1. Text TRAVEL to 7626
  2. You will receive a Text with some options. Reply with “ROAM” (without the quotation marks)
  3. Presto! You will receive a confirmation text and you're good to go!
  4. To remove it Text REMOVE to 7626



Easy Roam via the TELUS My Account app

  1. Tap on the Plans / Travel tab
  2. Tap Travel Options
  3. Tap Add a Travel Option
  4. Type in the destination under What country are you travelling to?
  5. Select Add Easy Roam

    Note: To enable Easy Roam for both U.S. and international destinations, you will need to add the US option and INTL option separately.

Easy Roam via your online account

  1. After logging in to your account select Travel from the menu bar:

  2. Type in your Easy Roam destination (US or International):

  3. Select Enable:Capture2.JPG

    4. Good to go:



Check out our full suite of Easy Roam options here: 


Other Benefits Include:

  • Add it to your device and be set up for future trips
  • Avoid the hassle of adding a travel pass prior to every trip
  • Even if you go over your rate plan’s voice, text and data limits, you can purchase an affordable data top-up or you will be charged Canadian pay-per-use rates (which are lower than US/International pay-per-use rates).


If you need any further help or assistance you can reach call us via *611 from your mobile phone, or call +1 416-940-5995 if travelling internationally.


**Please note: If you signed up for Easy Roam prior to Jul 28th, 2016, you will need to re-enroll to enable international countries beyond the U.S.


Safe Travels! Smiley Happy 

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Just Moved In

I have a quick question for you about Easy Roam - I am going to two South American countries this month that both appear to be covered by Easy Roam (Argentina and Uruguay).  I don't plan on using my phone that much but would like to know :


1) If I make a call home from Buenos Aires to Canada, does that register as a long-distance call?

2) If I call with my to a Buenos Aires number, is that a local or a long distance call?  


My current plan is pretty basic and doesn't have provisions for long distance calling.  It's a set number of local minutes per month, and I'd rather not go come home to a surprise bill.



Community Power User
Community Power User


    Questions usually get a faster response when posted in the Neighbourhood fora, as participants are watching there.


Your calls to either Canada or locally in Argentina and Uruguay should be included in the Easy Roam package. However, most folks use the Easy Room to access their data allotment as well. If you are only making a few phone calls, and not texting or using data very much, one of the Discover Passes might also be an option.  My concern would be that if your minutes are local minutes, that calls to Canadian location outside your home calling area might not be included. The purchase of a Discovery package would give you a bit of data, texts and minutes independent of your regular plan.


Maybe @Mobility_Princess has more details.



TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey @tarynjones


1) If I make a call home from Buenos Aires to Canada, does that register as a long-distance call?

2) If I call with my to a Buenos Aires number, is that a local or a long distance call?  


To answer both of your questions, when using the easy roam feature you do not need to worry about long distance and local. Although easy roam transfers over your Canadian plan over, it also cover all long distance. You only need to worry about airtime total, not long distance fees. So if your plan includes 300 local mins for the daytime as the your choice 300 local plans do, than that's how many minutes you have in the daytime for your monthly plan and it continues at your country of destination as if you were in Canada. The only plan limitations are that even though easy roam $10 covers a vast majority of countries, that does not mean you can call multiple countries while you are physically located in one country. If you are say in Buenos Aires, you are limited to calling/texting within Buenos Airies/Canada, not to a third country such as the USA or UK. Those will result in normal pay per use rates as if you had no roaming pass at all.