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How to View and Add Travel Passes

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Travel plans and ways to subscribe


TELUS makes travelling easy. We offer different options to suit your needs. To start, visit this page and enter your destination: 


You can add a travel pass directly through your My Account app, or by logging into your account on


If you've already arrived at your destination, you can also visit on your mobile browser to subscribe and track your usage.


To subscribe via the My Account App


1) Click on Travel tab at the bottom right corner




2) Select Travel Options




3) Select Add a travel option. Note: if you already have travel option added, it will appear on this screen



4) Select the country you are travelling to at the top, then scroll down for travel options. Select the one you wish to add using the green button. 




To subscribe from


1) Log into your account 


2) Under Mobility, click Find travel options



3) Enter name of the country you are travelling to, and click Find





4) Choose the option you want, then click Select to proceed





5) Click to highlight the plan you want, then click the Select button



6) Choose the start date from the drop down menu, then click Review 





7) Confirm your selection, then click Buy 




If you require roaming support while abroad, dial *611 from your handset or +1-416-940-5995 (local exit dialling codes apply). Both numbers are zero rated if called from  your TELUS device.


If you are travelling to the US for a short period, Easy Roam is another great option, you can learn more about adding it here -

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