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How to Swap your SIM Card

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Your SIM card acts like a key to the TELUS network so it’s important to activate it as soon as possible. Avoid calling in or making a trip to the store and swap it online. 


What you’ll need:


  • New SIM card
  • Your device(s) with active SIM card (powered on and connected to the TELUS network) to complete the steps


1. Leave your phone powered on and don’t remove the existing active SIM card yet

2. Log into your online account

3. Click on Plans & Devices along the top ribbon then Device followed by Swap Your SIM Card



4. Enter your new SIM card number



Sample SIM card (where to locate the SIM card number)



5. As an added layer of security, send a verification code to your phone via SMS



Sample verification code SMS



6. Enter your verification code and click on Continue



7. SIM swap complete! Power off your device, Insert the new SIM card, and power it back on.



Don’t have an active TELUS account? Contact us for assistance.

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Community Power User

Can this be done through the browser on my phone, or must I have access to a computer?


That's a good question NFtoBC! Not sure if all the extensions would be supported, you could try enabling desktop mode on your browser and it may work! 

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