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What is Apple Pay


Apple Pay is a convenient mobile wallet payment system leveraging the Near Field Communications (NFC) radio on your Apple device to pay for your purchases at participating locations.


How to setup Apple Pay


All you'll need to do is add your credit card(s) to Apple Wallet. For easy-to-follow instructions, click on this link.


How to use Apple Pay


Whether you're paying for an overly-complicated coffee order at your favourite java joint or paying for gas, payment is simple.


Simply hold your phone over the eligible contactless reader of the the point of sales (POS) terminal after completing Face ID or Touch ID verification.


If your phone is locked, double-click on the home button or power button to wake it and access Apple Wallet to complete the transaction. 


Is it safe to use Apple Pay


Absolutely. When you add your card to Apple Wallet, a unique Device Account number is assigned then encrypted and securely stored on the Secured Element, a dedicated chip on your iPhone, iPad or  Apple Watch.


When you make a purchase, the unique Device Account Number and transaction specific security code is used in the transaction rather than your actual credit card number so your credit card information is never actually shared with the merchant.


Apple Pay also requires Face ID on newer devices or your unique fingerprint with Touch ID in order to work so only you can authorize payment.


Who can use Apple Pay


If you own one of the compatible devices, you're good to go!


Who supports Apple Pay


Click on this link for a list of financial institutions that support Apple Pay.


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Community Power User

Been using Apple Wallet, and Stocard for holding loyalty cards for some time now. Installed Apple Pay on Tuesday when my bank offered VISA card services. Today at Overwaitea I used both for the first time, scanning my points card at the till and paying the bill with Apple Pay on Apple Watch. Painless and instantaneous.


Clerk suggested I buy more so she could see it in action again!



It's always a great feeling using Apple Pay, as people seem to be impressed by it here in Canada. Having lived in Australia for quite some time, it's really the norm to use it down there all the time. 


And, like you said - is it safe? yes - more secure than traditional NFC payments with existing credit cards/debit cards.


My suggestion would be TELUS add in-app Payments to their iOS app for Apple Pay to make good use of its security!

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