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Hey all...first timer if I need to upgrade my data plan from 1gb to 2gb using my phone can I just select the new desired plan and it automatically changes it or do I have to undelete my current plan first....thanks!!

TDPUnduerat-Welcome: Yes, you can do it from your ownPh - but most of the times is better to make, changes by calling (*411 or visit a Telus' store) or login this Website. To open link- Left or Right.click >click open:  http://mobility.telus.com/. Ultimately, some overcharges of "Data usage" It's been applied. As a result, we've to signup accurate

deals & kept it monitored. Report any add-on to forum.  Bye  <ReadMe-soon>  "v9"




@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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Hi there, you can actually do it from the self-serve account. If you prefer to talk to someone you can always reach them by sending a private message on Facebook or even simply follow and send a DM to @TELUSsupport over Twitter.