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I am a telus customer. Paid $35.00 to unlock old iPhone to use while travelling. Now in Germany and phone is still telus locked. Tried thru third party to have telus send me an email with unlock code. It has been a week and nothing. What do I do next? 


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Community Power User

iPhones usually unlock by being connected to iTunes, and restored subsequent to unlocking. You do not get a 'code', that's an Android thing.  Have you connected the phone to iTunes?

See this link


You can contact Telus by using the Chat function at the bottom of the ContactUs page, or through Facebook or Twitter.



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@CAMB wrote:

Tried thru third party to have telus send me an email with unlock code.

as @NFtoBC stated the unlock is only used for android. Unlocking iphones requires the customer to perform steps on their end before the unlock is complete. You would have had to have performed a factory restore either through the settings on the device or by plugging it into itunes and following the steps. If you are doing it in settings you simply go to settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings and then afterwards you would have to restore from back up. Of course you have to back up your iphone first or all your contacts, pictures etc would be lost. If you follow the steps by plugging it into itunes at the end of it, you will get a message that confirms the iphone is now unlocked. You won't get any sort of confirmation message however by doing it in the settings but, they both accomplish the same job.


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