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told if I didn't wear a mask I would be refused service , what is Telus policy ?

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told if I didn't wear a mask I would be refused service , what is Telus policy ?


I wouldn't call it sympathetic.  I take people's word at face value.  If someone says they are medically exempt, then I take the approach to believe them versus being confrontational.  There is a big difference between being polite and respectful versus being a confrontational arsehole about something that is none of anyone's business except for the person and their medical professional.  I do believe in a right to privacy, which is why I do not use Facebook and most other forms of social media.  

@Syaoran these provincial and municipal by-laws that you are referencing don't make those citizens a protected class under the federal charter of rights & freedoms, nor do they in most provinces that have independant human rights tribunals. Thus, any business can still refuse you entry for not wearing a mask and not be held legally liable for doing so. They don't need to give you a reason, they can just say no.

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Plain and simple!  The law is the law and no company is above the law when it comes to people's rights!  Paranoia is no excuse for ignorance and discrimination!  


I spoke to Sam at Telus Executive Client Relations about this.  Not only was he aware of the varying laws, but encouraged anyone going into a Telus store that is denied service and has the By-Law information supporting that the store was in the wrong to deny you service and store address.  the Telus Executive Office will deal with the matter swiftly and contact you back, if you leave your number.  

I respect wear the mask for every ones safety. Why don't go somewhere and see how far you get at a business with the mask rule. These laws you quote don't mean anything.

Documented bylaw information in Calgary is that the business CAN decide to refuse service AND ask the person to leave.  If they do not leave, they are trespassing.  Trespassing is illegal.  Rather than continually spouting nonsense, quoting people who are not in a position of authority with law enforcement, and mixing up human rights legislation with other laws, perhaps educate yourself on what is doable and what is not.  And show some consideration for others by wearing a mask.

 The City of Calgary bylaw:


What does the bylaw require?

Our primary focus is on educating Calgarians on the importance of wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces and public vehicles, rather than enforcement.

Failure to wear a face covering where required can result in a penalty of $50.

The bylaw mandates that face coverings be worn in the following places:

Places Examples

Public transit

Buses, shuttles and CTrains

Public vehicles for hire

Taxis, Ridesharing businesses, Vehicles for hire

Public indoor spaces

Malls, grocery stores, retail businesses, places of worship

City of Calgary facilities

Recreation centres, City Hall, City of Calgary buildings


This issue really isn't about bylaws. It's about doing what's right for your community and not just thinking about yourself. Bylaws are only required because not everyone cares about doing what's right for the community.

You are choosing to ignore some of the information.  Maybe your source wasn't the best example.  Here is what I easily found when looking for the City of Calgary Mask By-Law, which does have exemptions. 



There are some exemptions:

-children under two years old
-while patrons are eating or drinking
-while patrons are participating in physical activity (working out)
-while patrons are receiving a service, like going to the dentist
-for those who are unable to wear a mask due to disabilities or medical conditions

Exemptions are for those who truly need the exemptions. Those who qualify should be exempt.

Exemptions are not for those who are simply anti-maskers.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this discussion was about people arguing for a personal choice not whether exemptions should be allowed. I haven't seen one post in this thread that indicates anyone is against legitimate exemptions.

I would say that Bill has crossed the line of arguing against legitimate exemptions.  He position is clear and wrong!  

Perhaps if I had seen even one.....even ONE person not wearing a mask with a legitimate exception, I would feel differently.


Once again, if you are so compromised that you can't breathe with a thin mask on which does not impede oxygenation in the blood, then for your own good, you should not be out.  It is only common sense.


And yes, I do not agree that it is "none of my business" if someone chooses not to wear a mask in a public place.  It is everyone's business.  Personal choices are for what kind of food you eat, what colour shirt you wear, and such.  Not whether you protect others from viruses.

I would be much more agreeable to a mandatory deodorant law than your stance.  It's a good thing the law doesn't agree with you.  Just because someone had a disability or medical condition, does not mean they should be condemned to a life indoors trapped in a bubble.  If you are so paranoid about getting sick, you should be the one to be stuck indoors!  

@Syaoran Here we go.  You can't provide a logical argument, so now the insults and talk about deodorant. 


Your interpretation of the law seems strange as well as your logic.


I don't want anyone to get sick.  I take a dim view of anyone who does not take precautions to protect themselves and others.

I am not hiding scared but at the same time, I see no reason why I nor anyone else should be exposed to covid-19 by anyone who out there with no mask.


I'm sure the OP here did not mention having a "medical" condition, it certainly seemed to me that they just did not want to wear a mask. 


I will report any business not complying with mask bylaws and social distancing.  I have already reported a few and will continue to do so.  





As much as I am opposed to anti-vaccines and such and I don't get a flu shot.  Some vaccines are needed.  Just because a person is not wearing a mask, doesn't mean they are out spreading the plague to everyone they come into contact with, just like everyone with a mask doesn't guarantee they aren't out spreading the plague to everyone as well. 


I wouldn't say I am anti-mask, but I am pro-choice.  If someone chooses not to wear one.  That is their choice and none of my business.  If they choose to wear one, that is also their choice and none of my business.  If they have a medical reason or disability that prevents them from wearing one, that is also none of my business.  The only people I think need to stay home are those incredibly high risk, immune compromised, or those who are paranoid of getting sick and freak at the sight of a person not wearing a mask, someone coughing whether they have a mask on or not, etc.