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I am having trouble with my LG phone losing service and it is killing my battery. The last few days for a good portion of the day I have no bars and it says service disabled, then a few minutes later service is back. This happens all day no matter where I am (indoors or out). I don't need to move for it to come back at full bars either.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Prior to a few days ago was everything working fine? Seems some LG phones have this issue and no posted fix.


Need a couple more details just in case:

  • Model of phone
  • Version of Android running
  • Did you run a malware scan in case it's that?

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I have an LG-E973. Android version 4.1.2. Don't know how to run a malware scan on my phone. I did pop out the SIM card and so far so good but would like to know what happened so I can avoid the issue next time.