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payment arrangements


Please note that I have already spoken with your credit collections department and that a mutually agreeable payment date and Payment option were agreed to .I will be paying the amount agreed $ 150.67 upon on August 1/2023 and payment will be made using a credit card so payment will show up as immediate. Thank you for such strict attention to the matter. I lost my job on June 15th and my rent had increased $300 per month. This has left me scrambling to pay my bills on time. I will most likely require another payment arrangement for both mobility and home services in the near future. It is my hope to be able to return to work no later than October 1. Why am I getting daily reminders from Telus as to my payment arrangement. Does Telus feel I am not going to honor my arrangement. Why must they continue this almost daily insulting. I don't appreciate it. I find it borderline harrassment. I get almost daily emails, text messages and phone too at one time 
Yours sincerely
Steven Orser



WOW!  That does seem excessive.  Very sorry to hear that you have lost your job.  Hopefully you find something new or can go back to working where  you were working sooner than later.  This recession has hit a lot of Canadian's really hard!  Reach out to Customer Care at 611 to see if the notifications can be reduced to a more reasonable, once a week or a couple of days before the payment is due frequency.  If Customer Care can't help with these notifications, consider filing a complaint with the CRTC in regards to this highly aggressive harassment.  Regardless of your financial situation, this is not an acceptable practice!  


when you set up a payment arrangement for your balance and there are payment arrangement details indicated. That means you follow that payment schedule right? i don't understand how this works because I set up a payment arrangement for my balance on August 8. and I was scheduled to pay half of my owing by August 30 and half by September 10.  but on August 11 telus already deducted the whole amount from my bank account. this doesn't make sense.