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Hi there, I had a cell phone with Telus over 10 years ago, not a pre paid. I would like to know, before I go to a Telus store, if I can get a new phone and account with Telus. My name 10 years ago was Rebecca Melnyk, now I am married and my name is Rebecca Kocur. If some one could email me back at, or let me know on here, that would be great.


Thanks, rk420

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First: Did you know that search engines scrape web-pages and now you will probably be spammed by posting your email address and names to go with it?





Telus has a "90 day of not being a customer", and then all deals are available as a new customer.



You can get a 2 year contract that gives you a free subsidized phone and a plan to go with it.


You buy a phone you want, with a one time payment of full price and have no contract and buy a month to month plan.


You can bring your own current phone to Telus and buy a month to month plan. The phone must not be locked to another carrier or you will have to unlock it first to be able to insert the Telus SIM card for use on the Telus network.



You can bring your own phone and get a contract that then removes part of the monthly payment, as there is no phone subsidy to pay back.


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Your previous Telus history will probably not have been retained. You will have to undergo a simple credit check and provide a piec e of photo id in and then you will qualify for all new customer offers

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Hi @rk420 Both contributors suggested valuable.


Thanks to @nasty & @Tgreencorn 



This is rk420, can I get a new phone and plan with Telus?