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here are my thoughts Telus


why dont you come up with several options for your customers like having a 1 year term with a phone @ more money for the phone  on a year term

yes still have the 2 year terms with phones at a cheaper rate  but give us a choice

if you give more options out for customers and keep them happy the will continue to stay

and have no reason to leave  why not become the leader in doing buisness in a better way

i personally think this ia a great idea yes not for everyone that is way you have different choices

makes sense dont you think ???


im quite shure the crtc would aprove better options fot the customer

think abouy it




There already is a 1 year term of sorts. You can always pay out the device balance after a year and either upgrade to a new device and contract or get out of your contract entirely.

not really as they only have 2 year contract and yes u can pay off your device balance

in one full payment they will not let you make extra monthy payments on it

so its nowhere near the same

Let's use an example:


iPhone 5s MTM price: $730

iPhone 5s on contract: $230 (normal price, its on sale right now)

Subsidy: $490

Monthly Subsidy: $20.40


Subsidy remaining after 12 months = $245


Would you pay $475 for an iPhone 5s upfront? They'd probably price it ~$450 but shows you that you can easily mimic a 1yr contract for litte-to-no-difference ($25) vs. them actually offering it upfront.


If your expectation is that it would be the same price upfront, they'd probably increase the price of your plan.

@river said "they will not let you make extra monthy payments on it"

Why do you need Telus to accept your extra monthly payments? You can effectively make extra payments by setting aside extra money yourself and paying off the device balance when you've accumulated enough. It's called saving and people do it all the time for taxes, new purchases, etc.

thanks for you adivse xray you came across loud and clear your  brilliant !!!


Don't really think its a matter of the CRTC 'allowing' them to offer a one-year contract, they're already too involved in the telecom industry in Canada and have shown little understanding of the business (see: customer disatisfaction that 2yr terms didn't keep everything else the same in terms of pricing). If they regulated further it would definitely not work out in the customers' favor.


Why would TELUS want or need to offer this? To Xray's point, they already offer the option to pay off your device balance early & upgrade which is effectively the same thing (concept Telus 'pioneered'). Also by offering shorter contracts they would be incenting customers to shop around carriers more frequently, which is bad for their business. Also customers in Canada have shown an almost blind desire for $0 phones regardless of contract term or monthly cost. 

auctully i was told yesterday by a telus employee that it is up to the CRTC to controll this

and they are the reason that the rates have gone up She was really annoyed about the CRTC

ruling and was not hard to hear it in her voice maby she need some coaching ( typical corperate line )

all  i was saying is give us more options i very well know it will not work for everyone

and you as a customer can choose the one that works best for you


and as for  keeping a customer happy WHY would they need to look anywhere else

business is bulit on customer service and happy customers

trust me after 4  gererations and over 80 years in buisness it does work


@river wrote:

auctully i was told yesterday by a telus employee that it is up to the CRTC to controll this

and they are the reason that the rates have gone up


The 2 year plans destroyed the 3 year contract phone subsidy, which causes monthly rates to rise.

The very unfortunate part is users like 'free stuff' and to try and make a multiple of plans with a $200 downpay to cut the monthly rate past that measly 10% off,  would lead to confusion from complaining customers who don't understand how the phone subsidy works.


Even bringing your owned phone to the carriers and no subsidy, still is expensive and now with less monthly data. Consider it to be hidden 'interest' on that monthly subsidy of the large majority of users.


Its all a vicious circle. Cell phone makers want people to upgrade quickly. Cell phone company is their main pipeline to the customer.  With device and customer churn, the backend of the system wants more dollars to keep all that paperwork running smoothly.