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Just Moved In

A question to the many who are fed up with Telus customer service.

HORRBILE! wait 30-45 mins only to speak with someone in the phillipines who cannot speak English. WHY???



Community Power User
Community Power User

Generally the best time to speak to an agent is early in the morning. The call volume becomes extremely heavy after 9am. You're usually give the option for a "call back" if there are long wait times, so you don't sit on hold. You can always reach telus via live chat (bottom right hand corner of the page) their social media channels facebook or twitter for help if you don't want to call in. Most cases it can be resolved without having to call in, although there are occasions when a person must speak to an agent.




Companies will say call centers overseas are cheaper to operate. Also, Canadians don't want that kind of work, you must have a tough skin to deal with customers, and we don't breed such skins here. My son was an information operator for a year, and he worked for Shaw support, not nice jobs. Examples: a man called for the number to a video store; the man was sitting across the street from the store and he couldn't read the number on the window, he wanted to call to see if they had the movie he wanted before he walked across. For Shaw, he lost count of how many people called screaming about a box not working when they hadn't even turned it on. Stupid and rude--that's why you're waiting.