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customer service???

Just Moved In

Does anyone know how to contact a manager or someone to actually help you?  I need a new plan and Im tired of the call centre with people who don't understand you or have any ability to help and also sound like they are answering from middle of a busy street or something.  Ready to switch after 20+ years of faithful business with this company!  


Log into your account and start a chat session and request a callback. Then when they call back ask to speak someone on their loyalty dept. It’s always worked for me. Don’t even try calling any Telus phone number, the stupid chat bot will have you going in circles forever.

You can always visit your local Telus Store.

Good luck with that. The last time I tried that at the Southgate location they told me that they only deal with brand new accounts only. And told me to call.

That's the first I have heard of that. That seems ridiculous to have a store that only wants to deal with new customers.

Store front is for new customers only, and the workers couldn't give a crap about your problems.

Just Moved In

Agree 100%   55 minutes with 4 different people from 3 different countries. 17 years with 4 lines. I'm gone.

Community Manager
Community Manager

So you've spoken with our Mobility team? Were they unable to resolve your inquiry?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.