confirmation of contract been done


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how does the client know when the contract is paid in full so they can sell the unit some stores for reselling and buying only take unlocked phones today I asked if they would take mine for 250 or 200 they said if on contract no we been scammed were getting some sort of program in place to provent this so till my contract was done they cant buy from me thanks hope U get my point of ? so if I got my phone stolen or lost reporterd is there a way they cant go to another provider thanks 


Hi Rodney2007_2007, you can check your device balance one your. You can sell your phone at anytime. If they're requesting the phone be unlocked, you can have it unlocked through TELUS for $35.

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my phone is unlocked I tried a vergin Mobile sim card but not Bells or Rogers or Koodos  I tried Winds as well.