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LTE Coverage

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4, a V3 "LTE" sim card, and I live in Ingersoll, Ontario which according to the "coverage map" is covered by LTE, yet I get no LTE service (only 4G). When in London, Ontario "LTE" does kick in and even though I don't get close...

abrons by Organizer
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Resolved! Voicemail - straight to messages

Is there a way to disable it asking me for my voicemail password everytime I call my mailbox? I used to have it set for my Rogers phone, where when I dial, it just jumps straight into my messages. Does TELUS have this feature?

Resolved! Weak Signal

I'm getting weak or no signal when I'm indoors in transcona and even downtown. I never had this problem with Rogers. It's affecting my "4G" speeds (it really shouldn't be called 4G when it's slower than 256 kbps dial-up) and sometimes I can't even ma...

dongman78 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Reception

Why do I not get any reception on my cell phone north of cherry street in Mission,BC I pay to ave coverage and get none!.

Gurnek by Just Moved In
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Dunsmiur vs Everest

Last week, there was great celebration as the first Skype call was placed from Mount Everest. Any ideas when we can expect Telus coverage inside the Skytrain Dunsmiur tunnel? The 2km tunnel has only been in operation for 27 years. The tunnel runs nea...

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Overseas charges

Hey guys dumb question but here it is. So I'm in Europe right now and everyone says to just turn on airplane mode to avoid charges but I just took my SIM card out and am using wireless Internet, so I was just wondering if they could charge me in anyw...

Resolved! how to get my PUK or PUC code?

I did not know that a pin code had never been entered into my BL40g lg chocolate phone. after trying 3 times i get a PUK code error messageHelpHow do i get this code and from who?Telus number is useless and is just publicity..Can i get a human to hel...