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Can't send pictures from phone...?

I have a Nokia Lumia 610 on prepaid with unlimited texting (including vidoes, pictures, etc). Everytime I try to send a picture, it says "Can't send message. Try again." This phone is brand new. How can I fix this? Thanks

nirette by Neighbour
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Resolved! I don't have coverage even though I'm on the coverage map

I'm in the green shaded area on the TELUS covergae map however there is no signal within 10 minute drive. I also want to purchase and air card but neighbours say that doesn't work either. How soon could we expect the actual cell service to catch up t...

qharvey by Just Moved In
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Telus support online chat? Does it ever work?

Interesting how they leave support off of the 'boards' selection. Does anyone know if it works? That would be "Chat with us onlineAvailable for account inquiries or technical assistance.Chat online now" And it does not work for me. Chrome and IE fail...

fc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! account adjustment data usage

What is this account adjustment data usage? Its using up all my minutes and I have never even made a phone call or txt message on my phone (Iam a new customer)

bellsy98 by Just Moved In
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Mobility services up North in the Territories!

The wait is over – We’re heading North! We’re so excited that starting September 6th our friends in the Northwest Territories and Yukon can sign up for wireless service! Let us know if you have any questions! Learn more here:

ShadiS by Advisor
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network congestion

I haven't received any texts for about a week now. People receive them from me and I am able to call/receive calls. I tried texting my phone from another phone and it says network congestion' with an 'x'. Any suggestions?

svic by Just Moved In
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