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Resolved! changing carriers

just left telus with two of their older samsung phones. New carrier cannot establish data to phones as Tulus proxy info cannot be changed manually on phone. Telus sez Bell can fix. Bell sez samsung can fix. Samsung sez Bell or Telus can fix. Round an...

jmclennan by Just Moved In
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Sorry I had to go.

I got a goodbye email from Telus in my inbox with a link that lead me to the forums to at least share my ideas before I go. Nothing against my plan prices. They were modest and competitive.I would have kept or upgraded my device on a two year contrac...

website improvements

Two website improvements1. When selecting the usage tab to look at the data usage you are required to select a billing period to view. After selecting the period you should display data usage from all phones on the shared plan not just the one listed...

allanrh1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Improve data notifications on shared plan

you need to improve the data notification that you offer for shared plans. The software should be able to add the data usage from all phones on a shared plan and properly text you when you are at 75% and 95%. I dont get a message unless my personal p...

allanrh1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! High bill for single customers

I was wondering why all the plans have much higher costs now. Two years ago, I had a plan for 200 minutes, unlimited text and 6 gb of data for $85. I just called to change my plan recently to unlimited calling messaging and 3 gb of data for the same ...

djnever00 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Texting from Canada to Cuba

I am not able to find anything written clearly about sending text messages from Canada to Cuba. One page lists Cuba as the following: Cuba 53 10 Another page I ended up on with a list of codes and countries doesn't even list Cuba. I also don't know t...

pamaayla by Just Moved In
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