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Voice 30-300 plan

I have a Voice 30-300 plan and would like to know how much it costs per minute when you go over?

mena81 by Just Moved In
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Adding a Line - switching from another service provider

Hello, I am currently a Telus customer, but my fiance has a phone with another service provider. He has just over 1 year left on his contract, but he would like to switch to Telus so that we can bundle our services (i.e. add a line). Does Telus offer...

jsicoly by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What strings are attached with a month to month plan?

I would have asked this question to Telus's customer service but their contact page doesn't seem to work properly, so I'll try here. I am currently abroad and will be visiting Montreal for a little over a month for the summer. Here's what I would lik...

mjakopa by Neighbour
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Resolved! increased data plan = increased usage?

For quite some time I've only had 1gb of data available to me on my iphone 5 and I wouldn't typically exceed the usage. In May I upgraded my data to 2gb because I noticed for 2 months in a row, I had to turn off cellular data for the last 3 days of m...

SMS Spam?

Hellos guys/gals, Just out of curiosity wondering if any of you have received any? I'm in Vancouver and went through a period where I was getting 2 or 3 a day. Lately it has seemed to really taper off *knocks on wood* Interesting MS article; http://m...

Artemis by Ambassador
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Scheduled Data and Texting Restriction on Account

As a single parent of a teen with a cell phone, I was wondering if Telus would be willing to consider offering a feature on an account that would allow a parent to log in and set specific times as to when the phone can send a text message or access m...

Ulfheonar by Just Moved In
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automatic Telus texting offer/ survey to win 500 dollers?

I kept getting a text msg saying if i participate in answering the survey i would be in a draw to win 500 dollers/ one year pre paid service. has anyone won that? or is it a simple way to get your feedback on customer service etc...

john16420 by Just Moved In
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