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Resolved! Visual Voicemail?

Why TELUS is not offering visual voicemail for Android phones?

sumchans by Just Moved In
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Call you really need it?

If you do not subscribe to caller ID service, does the cell phone still display the Name of the caller if they are in the contacts list of the phone?

67hunter by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Travel to the US

We have never gone to the US and planned on using our phone for both texting and talking, as well as internet. We have heard horror stories of big bills and roaming charges. Not knowing much about it, is there something we should do to prepare and av...

cstewart by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Anonymous Caller ID on a mobile device

Is is possible to set up Anonymous Caller ID ( on a mobile Smart phone, or is this only available for home phones? If it is available, how do I set it up?

eskat386 by Neighbour
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Public Mobile Acquisition

Hello,The competition bureau obviously approved Telus' takeover bid for Public Mobile.There has been relatively little comment by either party at this point.What is Telus' plan for the future of Public Mobile?Thanks a million.

psutton1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! drop calls

i constantly have calls dropped while on the phone with full bar service.This issue happens all the time, it is rather irritating when trying to have a conversation with someone and it cuts off all of a sudden. When i call the person back it happens ...

Dodwell1 by Just Moved In
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Photo Card

Hi, I was wondering, does Telus accept the Ontario Photo Card instead of a Drivers License for activating a plan? I don't drive and do not own a credit card. Thank you.

randomeQT by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! mms

Why cant i send a txt with a photo attached? A msg pops up & tells me mms is unavailable.

Resolved! mms

When i try to txt msg with a photo attached a msg tells me the service is not available.