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Which Canadian Telecom-Ranked Highest In 2014

This press release by "JD-Power" is a bit old, but I considered important to released. Toronto: May-8-2014. According with JD-Power an overage, monthly bills dropped by $7-for costumers in Canada. The recent implementation of the CRTC-Wireless code i...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! sim #

how do I activate my new sim # into an old phone?

Resolved! How to Pick the right Cellphone Plan

If you're frustrated with confusing "Cellphone bills" and the time it takes to compare-Providers to select the best plan, here's a FREE tool that can help you. launched its 1st-Website 2Weeks ago. A Free tool that ask you to enter an average, monthl...

v9 by Rockstar
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Southeast Calgary no Cell service in/ around home

Just trying to figure out if its my phone or on telus' end. I recently got the samsung galaxy S5 and i have no service around my house in southeast calgary. There are 2 spots in the house where i can send and receive text messages which is quite anno...

gixxer6 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Data usage

Is it possible to have your data automatically turned off when you reach your limit? My children are constantly going over on our shared plan.

Vic by Just Moved In
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Call forwarding

I have call forwarding enabled on my telus account. I also have call forwarding on my home phone with unlimited long distance. Can I forward my telus number to my home number (a local call), and then subsequently forward my home phone to a US number ...

Resolved! picture

somebody sent me a picture, i got a text with this website and a password... how do i see the picture.... they sent it through a text.

bjardine by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No service (help!)

Alright, so, over the few last days my cell phone and provider (Telus) have been doing some wonky things. I keep loosing service, whenever I turn my 3g off. I use to be able to turn on and off my 3g, without ever losing connection, and now it turns o...

eikll by Just Moved In
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