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prepaid cellphone question

So i want to get my friend an iphone5 how do i do that when i dont want anything in my name ?also he has a sim card in his phone. his phone is bustedits for telus and im wondering does the iphone itself have to be bought as a pre paid or can i just g...

Vergin Mobile calling

I had a few calls from them they want me back. I am like what? U denied me tones of times. I hate having my credit checks hurt here. I am not cancelling my contract of TM. I was told they can charge less then what I am with TM. Anyhow I wished they s...

local store closing in Peterborough

I wunder why they did not advertise this in my local paper but as of today there closing on the Park way Centre this ticks me off but o well. I will miss the staff that worked there as well. how does client care know if a store closes do they tell he...