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prepaid cellphone question

So i want to get my friend an iphone5 how do i do that when i dont want anything in my name ?also he has a sim card in his phone. his phone is bustedits for telus and im wondering does the iphone itself have to be bought as a pre paid or can i just g...

Vergin Mobile calling

I had a few calls from them they want me back. I am like what? U denied me tones of times. I hate having my credit checks hurt here. I am not cancelling my contract of TM. I was told they can charge less then what I am with TM. Anyhow I wished they s...

local store closing in Peterborough

I wunder why they did not advertise this in my local paper but as of today there closing on the Park way Centre this ticks me off but o well. I will miss the staff that worked there as well. how does client care know if a store closes do they tell he...

Resolved! confirmation of contract been done

how does the client know when the contract is paid in full so they can sell the unit some stores for reselling and buying only take unlocked phones today I asked if they would take mine for 250 or 200 they said if on contract no we been scammed were ...

Resolved! activation fee

I think I am charged 161.00 cause of the new phone line and phone Please help thanks I should be only charged 55.00 55.00 for both lines a month = 110.00 plus tax. What gives?

info of privacy?

Hello if I was denied with Rogers Bell Vergin Mobile months ago and Wind and they see me in mall with a cell phone can they call in to Telus or other providers? and ask if they have a certin name and last name on there files if so I am afraid this sh...

Resolved! Topping up from abroad

I'm currently abroad and won't be back in January until January. I need to top up my account or I will lose my number but it won't allow me to do it online because I don't have a Canadian credit card. I have a TD visa debit card but it won't allow it...

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Resolved! getting phone from client care

if I decide to up grade to a refurbished, used BB Z10 will I be charged shipping from client care if order goes through? I am hearing roumers of yes. Thanks and the warentee is not covered. I was told 12 months of any unit but stores may not have sen...