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No service!

I'm located just outside of Winnipeg. I've never had issues with telus until now. Randomly last night my service went from 4 bars to NONE. I use an Iphone4. 3G is on. Have rebooted the phone didn't work, have switched to airplane mode and back also d...

Meeliii by Just Moved In
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T-Up Discrepancies

Hello everybody, was just wondering if anybody else has had issues dealing with Telus regarding the T-Up plan. I purchased it the first day it was available when the Iphone 5s was released. At the time the deal was that the purchaser buys Applecare a...

ab10ff by Just Moved In
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Calling toll free numbers fron overseas

I am using my Canadian handset in the UK with a UK Sim card, but calling international toll-free numbers is proving problematic; my phone drops the call before I hear a ringtone. Why might this be happening?

ebergen by Just Moved In
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no service

My moto g has said ive got no service for the last 4 hours. Ive tried turning it off and taking the sim card out but that didnt work. Any idea why it would say ive got no service?

Jen_Able by Just Moved In
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Data Cap?

Is it possible to put a data cap on your phone/account to make it impossible to go over your data limit?

LH by Just Moved In
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What's happening, why don't I have signals. It's on one time and the ma minute after it's off. What's happening? I'm tempted to switch services to Rogers.

Alea by Just Moved In
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Unable to figure out snap on iphone or ipad

Mardes by Just Moved In
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Resolved! allow customers to keep there existing plan

I don't think its right or fair that because of the new laws about 2 year contracts instead of 3. that telus should be allowed to make you change your existing phone plan when upgrading to a new phone.I also don't think its fair that you look at the ...