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Resolved! Spoofing my cell number X(

Someone is spoofing my number for some kind of nefarious purpose. I called telus to complain and they assured me it was UNPOSSIBLE!!!11... Yet a google search brings up news articles stating it is easy to spoof a number, and scammers often do this. s...

NFC Sim card

Just purchased a Samsung S4 through Telus online store and was charged $15 for a NFC Sim card. Is this required? Can't I just use the Sim card from my previous Telus mobile?

bdk by Just Moved In
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Free apps??

To download free apps they ask for credit card info.whats up with that?didn't before.

Resolved! Poor indoor/backyard Reception

Hi, I would like to know what option Telus offers for poor mobile reception at home. I'm not even talking about the basement, which i'm assuming the technology just isn't there yet. am I out of luck if so what's the point of having a cell phone if co...

maurixxi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! new account

Hi there, I had a cell phone with Telus over 10 years ago, not a pre paid. I would like to know, before I go to a Telus store, if I can get a new phone and account with Telus. My name 10 years ago was Rebecca Melnyk, now I am married and my name is R...

rk420 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! MMS Pictures with the Moto G

I have a Moto G and cannot send MMS picutures with data turned off. Cannot send MMS pictures over WiFi. Added a data plan and can now send MMS pictures with data turned on but it uses data to do it. Any help on how to change or set the APN settings?

jdlaurie by Neighbour
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Resolved! pay as You go

How come the minute pricing keep goin up and up by the month..used to be 25 cent then up to 30 cent then up 40 cent sudenly it's 50 cent per minute..When is will end>>I know You people like to get Me to By a monthly contract,what I would never realy ...

louboy by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Agreement Renewal

My contract will be up soon, but since my initial agreement was signed prior to the maximum 2 year agreement policy change, am I now required to switch to a new plan? Thanks.

Resolved! Texting while Overseas

My son leaves for England on Monday. He will travel through England, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Is there an add-on that will allow him to text us from these countries? He is currently on my family plan.

tyjoni by Just Moved In
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