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taking my prepaid iphone 3 to thailand

I have an iphone 3 that I use as pay as you go with a 10.00 a month data plan. We are going to Thailand in less than a month and want to know if I can simply take out the telus SIM card and insert a thai one. I think I can buy a mini SIM card for my ...

EinD by Just Moved In
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Using IPhone while traveling in Canada

I live in BC and I'm traveling in PEI right now. I can't make a call from my IPhone. I wasn't able to make calls from Nova Scotia either, I have 300 minutes I can use Canada Wide during the day and free calls after 5 and on weekends. Can you help as ...

access to server when away from home

My Telus account is for a BC Lower Mainland address. But here I am in Toronto with my laptop. I can log on to the internet via wifi, and download my email messages. But when I try to respond to an email, or send a new one, it doesn't go and I get a m...

macgooch by Just Moved In
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Data Usage

so I've been with Telus for about 7 years now. They have great phones amd I'm satisfied. however, when I look at my plan for about $60 1gb of data I don't feel is good enough. I have friends with Fido and rogers who have 6 gb of data for $50! I want ...

rm-7 by Organizer
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Resolved! roaming charges

I am planning to travel to Ontario and further east for a couple of weeks. I have an all inclusive account for Canada. Will I incur roaming charges if I call my kids or receive calls from them in BC while I am away?

Federal government plans...?

Just curious whether or not Telus still offers specials plans for Federal Government employees...? Nobody at work seems to know...

nova79 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't transfer plan when upgrading?!?!

Hey all, I was lucky enough to get an absolutely amazing rate plan a few years ago (I have a friend who got the same rate plan as well). When my friend spoke to a Telus agent yesterday, he was told that if he ever upgrades his phone, he will no longe...

nova79 by Friendly Neighbour
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