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Resolved! Insanely long hold times

I've called Telus a few times to get a sms add on so that I can manage my international texting expenses. The hold times are insane! I've been on hold for over 90 minutes on my first call before I had to drop, and as I write this, I've been on hold f...

Async8 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Control on my daughters iPhone 6

is their a way to temporarily deactivate her data and phone remotely through my account? She has the device, but she is 14 and doing stuff I am not ok with. I need to send a clear message.

Neall by Just Moved In
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Not receiving text messages from 1 contact

For the last few months, I havent been receiving text messages from one of my contacts. Sometimes I will receive 1 and then none will come through after that. I dont have this issue with any of my other contacts. We both have Samsung Galaxy phones wi...

Akemp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can I keep my TELUS plan and buy a new iPhone?

I currently have an iPhone5 from TELUS that I got in 2012 and a data plan of 6gb with 250 minutes of local calling and unlimited Canada text. I don't need more calling but I want to keep the inexpensive plan and the 6gb of data. It is only $50 monthl...

Device Care

I have questions about the service. I had lost my phone two weeks ago, but a friend retrieved it recently and sent it to me. I've been using an cheap, older device I owned, though I had to buy a new SIM.Now it's in pretty bad shape. It's snapped, scr...

Xiro by Just Moved In
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