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Software update for unlocked phones

So I brought my own unlocked Samsung S6 (previously with Fido) to Telus. Wondering how/when I will get the Marshmallow OS update? Looks like Telus has already rolled it out for this phone. Will I get it when Fido rolls it out or will I not get it at ...

Sony16 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't keep plan if I upgrade

Hi all. First post here. Have been with Telus for just over 5 years now. When I first signed up, I went with their Student $55 Plan. It was still when they used 3 year terms. After that expired a few years ago. I tried to upgrade to an iPhone 5s. I w...

Rileythedj by Friendly Neighbour
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Sticking with an old plan

Hi. I'm finishing up a 3 year contract which is still a really good deal. If I buy an unlocked phone at full price (an iPhone from the Apple Store to be specific) can I just put in my current Telus SIM card and stay on my current plan indefinitely? T...

Broke tv

Free tv broke before contract ended

Mabel by Just Moved In
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2nd account

Can a person hook up a second account but Not linked to my first account.. billing, online viewing, separate from the first account

Carrie by Just Moved In
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Telus didn't tell me when they changed my insurance coverage.

I have been a mobility customer for 12 years and have optik TV and internet. Telus changed my insurance plan without telling me and as a result when my phone was stolen I was not covered. This is illegal. A Telus representative told me it would be co...

Is Data Roaming included in my roaming plan?

I bought a business roam ready plan US with unlimited calling and texting plus 500 mb of data but whenever I go to turn on data roaming on my phone the phone warns me of additional costs. Is this just a general warning meaning as long as I don't go o...

Re: Making the Most of Neighbourhood Ideas

New Premium plan should include data why the extra $25 for 1 GB in $75 plan that is crazy expensive Telus plans need a whole new update to keep up with today's competitive market.

Eli_Gonzo by Just Moved In
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