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Resolved! Data usage

Is it possible to have your data automatically turned off when you reach your limit? My children are constantly going over on our shared plan.

Vic by Just Moved In
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Call forwarding

I have call forwarding enabled on my telus account. I also have call forwarding on my home phone with unlimited long distance. Can I forward my telus number to my home number (a local call), and then subsequently forward my home phone to a US number ...

Resolved! picture

somebody sent me a picture, i got a text with this website and a password... how do i see the picture.... they sent it through a text.

bjardine by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No service (help!)

Alright, so, over the few last days my cell phone and provider (Telus) have been doing some wonky things. I keep loosing service, whenever I turn my 3g off. I use to be able to turn on and off my 3g, without ever losing connection, and now it turns o...

eikll by Just Moved In
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Unlimited Talk while roaming

Why are Koodo Customers able to add unlimited talk and text while roaming in the USA but TELUS customers can't? Telus customers pay more for their plans and we should be able to have the new features first. Here are some of Koodo's roaming add ons: 3...

Resolved! Why Wi-Fi is free Vs. Cellular paid data

Nowadays phone users wonder, why Wi-Fi is offered free of charge for costumers Vs. the expensive Data-usage-plans, offered by the 3Giants in Ca. Is there a valid reason for it. What do you think-Dear member. "Sent your input about this topic to analy...

v9 by Rockstar
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Kootenay cell service

It's about that time of year where myself and family members will be trekking all around the southeast of the province for the holidays. Thanksgiving is only a week away, followed by ski trips, birthdays, Christmas, etc. I was wondering about the sta...


so i read that telus is in development of VoLTE anybody know when they will start rolling this feature out?