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Resolved! Activating prepaid card

I have a telus phone that was previously on a contract but it's been paid off now, can I activate it with a prepaid card?

West1715 by Just Moved In
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iPhone 5 - LTE not working, stuck with 3G

Hi there, I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4. It's been a week since I have my iPhone 5 and I was using LTE perfectly fine. Today, I went on Facebook, but noticed that I now had 3G instead of LTE. I went to check my settings, and LTE was at ON, and...

Lollipop update on Galaxy S5 and Screen Pinning Option

Lollipop was just made available to Galaxy S5 users on 17 Mar and I downloaded and installed it successfully. It runs very well but I have one question... One of the interesting new features is supposed to be the Screen Pinning function to lock a pho...

billbrad by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Need help with my data not working.

I'm from Ontario and recently set up a pay as you go account with my galaxy s4. I have 200mb of data but for some reason my phone won't connect to the network. Any help would be appreciated.

mennomex by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Lost messages?

Some of my services were disabled because I didn't pay phone phone bill, including incoming text messages. I have since paid my bill, but will I receive any of the messages that were sent to me during the time I was cut off?

Emharas by Just Moved In
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Services package for USA

Why isn't there a seven day service for US roaming package? Very disappointed! Also why was there such a delay on roaming service after I turn back service from airplane mode?

donoly889 by Just Moved In
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Able to use current balance to top up $100 card

I have a Pay-as-you-go cell phone and carry the phone for emergencies and security mostly. Therefore the balance keeps growing every year and I will never really use all the minutes. I would like Telus to offer what the competitors already offer whic...

Yvan by Just Moved In
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