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Resolved! Calgary Varsity Outage

Is there a varsity outage in Calgary? My phone isn't dialing out or accepting calls. I have data but can't make calls. I reset the phone, I reset the connections in settings and #611 doesn't work. This is a business phone too!

AdamJH by Neighbour
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Resolved! LTE-Advanced

Hello!Which phones are compatible with LTE-Advanced and Wi-Fi Calling?And I bought a SIM card, I’m ready to activate it on post-paid. Can I do that online?Thanks!

Resolved! Switching services.

Hey, because Bell bought out MTS I am going through telus now. I have no service right nown with the SIM card they gave me because I need to activate my phone. Where do I do that

Tower installation

Is telus looking to install any towers in rural Manitoba and if so how would I go about inquiring about installing a tower on my property?

Very upset with third party Asurion!

I submitted my claim back in the end of May as I had broke my phone. I gave all my information, card information, shipping information, email, phone number was told they needed 24 hours to clear my payment. They also did not have my phone in stock an...

Why no 700MHz LTE in Windsor & surrounding area?

I frequently travel to Windsor (once, sometimes twice per year). Every time I go, I'm always surprised at how bad LTE coverage is there. I spend a lot of time in the more rural Amherstburg area and LTE signal is usually 1 bar on my iPhone 6. As a res...

Pskippy by Coach
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Not getting what I was promised. Does this make sense?

To be brief:Our phones were eligible for upgrading. My wife got Galaxy S7 at $0 on a Easy Share 65 Premium plan. I was going to get the Google Pixel as offered at $0 on the same Easy Share plan on June 23rd. The Google Pixel was not in stock at this ...

Stummer by Just Moved In
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Why don't you allow Cell Phones to have Data Only Plans?

So I have been trying to get an answer other than, "We don't allow that service". WHY doesn't telus allow smartphones to be used on a data only or tablet plan? I have a Samsung S6 I want to give to my daughter so she can use our shared data plan, I h...

Resolved! cell number

how do i change the cell phone number for a local number where i moved to

vivian1 by Just Moved In
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Galaxy S8 no LTE with Telus, poor bluetooth and bad GPS

Today I met a person who had a Galaxy S8 in my area so I ask him how he appreciates his phone. Great surprise when he tells me that his spouse is telling him that he does not answer to her call. The problem? He never got the call. I have the same pro...

sk8brd by Neighbour
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