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Telus and RCS integration

Hello, I have been looking forward to the idea of having SMS upgraded to RCS, it adds a whole list of features to the possible communication,however Telus has been giving vague answers and have come up short on the promise of "Some time in 2018" I wo...

Travelling abroad, cannot connect to websites

We're in Thailand and we can't connect to Telus websites, for example, , ,, etc. (on the other hand given that I am able to access this forum, *some* t...

lp by Neighbour
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Change of ownership

Can someone please direct me to where policy is viewable to the customer stating that you can’t change ownership in the first 90 days of a new account? A little context, I was approved for two devices so I put my line and my daughters line on my mobi...

Amyanda by Neighbour
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Why did telus eliminate nearly all of its combo roaming passes?

I think I know why—to force people to ante up $12 as soon as they receive a text or look at Google Maps if they’re not on WiFi. Or pay $160 for 30 days of continuous use. I wanted to get the $50 Europe roaming combo pass, only to find that it no long...

Tsp by Neighbour
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Stop Price Hike for $60 10/GB Rate Plan

With TELUS’ new TOS there nothing that stops them from increasing your rate plan costs on a BYOD.They could implement a price increase every month! When you switch your ratebplan from one of the grandfathered ones to one of these new ones they do not...

Ahmadjr by Organizer
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Resolved! Internet TOP UPS

Just curious to know why internet data top ups unused GBs aren’t forwarded to your next billing period? Sometimes I’m unaware how much data I’ll be using in a month. Example > I used up my data included in my plan so I bought 2gbs for $30 BUT ONLY US...

$60/ 10GB Plane Price Increase

Please tell me it’s not increasing and by $10?!?!?That’s freaking greedy! I thought Rogers was bad when they increased it by $5 but you guys will take the crown if that is the case.Can someone confirm please.

Ahmadjr by Organizer
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Home phone 2 go throwing error as_5

hi, I am on pure fibre, using my google pixel 3 , trying to use this app, but after all the registration steps are done system throws this error'error as_5' I tried contacting customer service, many times in last couple of months but no help , contac...

Wasabi by Friendly Neighbour
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