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In-store contact transfer software

Whenever my folks buy a new phone, they get their contacts transfered from the old device to the new, in-store. It seems to work with every device they bring. All kinds of circa 2000's lg & motorola fliphones, to their iPhones with no passcode prompt...

Resolved! Going on a Road trip around the US, need some advice.

Hey guys, so I am going on a road trip around America and I plan on bringing my Telus phone. Its a LG G5 that I am going to pay to have unlocked. My question is, once it is unlocked I will be able to use it on an American Cell Network once I buy a SI...

Resolved! Data charges

If I live in Alberta and travel to Manitoba and use my LTE, would I get charged for roaming? I know you get charged LD For calls and such, but if I'm not outside the country then I'm still using telus towers?

Resolved! Charged/deducted for 1 KB data and duplicate text messages

Hi folks,I have an iPhone SE running iOS 10.3.1 on a Prepaid planSince signing up I get charged on occasion for data usage even though everything in Settings regarding Cellular Data is disabled including Wifi Assis and apps that may work in backgroun...

FrankMtl by Organizer
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Resolved! T-Up

Hi everyone, I think I'll be one of the last person who will use t-up to upgrade my phone. My question is : When I will return my actual phone, what is "good working condition"? I have a galaxy s7 and my back screen is cracked. Does I will be able to...

sk8brd by Neighbour
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CRTC Wireless code

i was just on the phone with a really nice lady and told her about the crtc with the wireless code.. will this spring be the year for the code for unlimited data?

Loyalty Dept

Does anyone know the email address for the loyalty Department for Tells Mobility?

Resolved! Account and Automatic Top Ups

I keep being charged for account top up and and automatic top up. I don't want account top up, just the automatic using my credit card. I don't actually use account top up i.e. I don't enter my credit card monthly for account top up and can't seem to...

bajacondo by Friendly Neighbour
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