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account suspention

Just Moved In

I have recently signed up for telus 5g plan and only 1 hour after I signed up (3 days ago) they suspended my account for no reason, with no warning. I immediately called the number provided to me to help solve the problem, and they sent me an email asking for documents (which I had already provided). Now 9 phone calls in and hours on hold I still do not have service on my phone. I looked this up, this is illegal, you cannot suspend someone's service for no reason with no warning (I have not missed a bill) and if you suspend somebody's account by accident you have to restore it within 24 hours of notification. 


There is more than likely a reason. What that reason is, can be anyone's guess. Customer Care should be able to tell you the reason the account was suspended. Being so early in the account. Potentially something tripped a fraud alert but Customer Care should be able to answer that for you.

You can also file a CCTS complaint if Telus is making this a hassle for you. It won't get resolved quickly but you will start seeing some results by the end of January hopefully if you choose to go that route.