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Will I be charged for incoming calls....

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I live in Lethbridge but will be in Powell River BC for eight days. A friend of mine (also from Lethbridge) will be in Hawaii at the same time and we would like call each other. We both have unlimited Canada wide calling plans so my question is: will I be charged for incoming long distance calls while he is in Hawaii and I'm in Powell River? Both our phone numbers are "local" for Lethbridge but neither of us will be in Lethbridge... I tried the on-line chat with no success. Thought I would try here!! Thanks 🙂


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It will depend on your plan. Most cases the answer is no, you won't be charged for Incoming calls while in Canada. Anyone calling you from Powell River will still be calling long distance to you still.


Your friend in Hawaii will be charged roaming and/or long distance if he tries calling you. Your friend will also have to pay to receive calls as well since he'll be outside the Telus network and Canada. He may want to look into a travel pass.


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It depends on your plan! If you only have local minutes than you would be charged for receiving any calls because you have left your local calling area. Local calling depends on your number and where you are physically located. Because Lethbridge is your local area and you are not in it, you can call a local Powell River number and it will be local for you but, if you receive a call no matter from who it is long distance and any other calls you make are long distance while you are there. The friend in Hawaii will be charged roaming if they do not have a package for everything they do. 

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