Wifi calling for Samsung s10

Hi there just wondering if anyone else is having issues activating wifi calling on their Samsung s10? I've tried for 3 days and still can't get it to work. It goes through the whole setup process and after it says registering it still won't turn on. Frustrating!
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, we've not yet got the S10 added to our list of supported devices for Wi-Fi calling. Here's the current list, which will be updated to include the new Galaxy devices as soon as the feature is activated for them: https://www.telus.com/en/on/support/article/wifi-calling-explained

Actually I did the update and it is now working. Thank you
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As I read you don't make a wifi call with your Samsung s10. This is happening due to you do not update your latest update on your phone.

When you upgrade your phone with the latest update your wifi call bug fixes automatically. 

Hope this will help you.