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Wifi Calling


When will Telus launch WiFi calling?  My house is in a Telus dead zone, and WiFi calling would possibly save me a lot of trouble.  I've seen the Telus Extend iPhone app, but it doesn't seem to work ( errors out on launch).  I'd prefer if they did Wifi calling like ROgers or Bell, that is integrated with the built in phone app, rather that a separate phone app.


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Only Rogers and Bell were have wifi calling on iOS 9 devices (5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6s+). None mention Android yet. Apple's website lists a very short list of providers globally that have enabled the service.

This has been discussed on the forums previously but nothing has been announced yet.

The Telus Extend app is currently in beta and you can only use it if you got an invite.

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They have an idea for it on their ideas page that says it's in progress, but not updates in quite some time.

I agree, the telus extend app is terrible. The app is super glitchy, slow and crashes way too often. Not to mention the terrible UX. 

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Even bell just added older iPhones including iPhone 5C.. Dont know what TELUS is waiting for and it is not just that, they are also the priciest around here.. By the way, TELUS Extend will never do the job.. It need to be native, and transparent. That's what technology should be for..

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I have heard that Wi-Fi Calling is built on top of VoLTE. I've also heard that TELUS is currently testing VoLTE. Would assuming once VoLTE rolls out to the public Wi-Fi Calling *shouldn't* be too far behind ... *fingers crossed*