Why won't you unlock prepaid phones? Why don't they work in the USA?


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Just Moved In

Needed my smartphone working in the USA. Had to go to a small store to get the Telus phone unlocked. Then bought a SIM card on the internet to get service in the USA as your prepaid does not work there. This card charges 9 cents a minute US to US and 19 cents a minute US to Canada (and 60 other countries) with the same 19 cents Canada to Canada--and the prepaid amount never expires if used once a year. Obviously I should now leave Telus with prepaid costing me 50 cents a minute. To add insult to injury it works up here on the Telus network--or if a poor signal roams onto Rodgers--at a higher rate. Data rates are moderate in the USA but extortionate in Canada so I will have to manage here with wifi.