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Why so many fake calls?

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I have been inundated with fake calls from numbers starting with '011' and '465' recently.  '465' area code isn't assigned, so obviously it's a scammer.  I just let these go to voicemail.  But the '011' numbers, I know they signify being from overseas, but who knows from where as they always seem to be different.


My question is this:

Why is Telus not doing more to prevent these types of calls from getting through?  Clearly if the 465 area code isn't valid, they why doesn't Telus simply prevent the call from being completed?

Obviously you can't stop all '011' calls as many of these would seem to be legitimate, but the 465 numbers?


And while I don't get a 'ton' of spam text messages, I've certainly seen my share.  You would think those would be much easier to filter and junk, from Telus' end.


Telus isn't doing enough to fight scammers, spammers and robocalls.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I think you already know the answer to this one, however I'm guessing the reason 465 is being used is because no phone owner has blocked it yet. chasing down off-shore spam callers is very difficult, as they will simply choose another number to spoof. 

One of the reasons for not blocking numbers on a wholesale basis, is that of deciding what is spam, or not - one person's spam might be another's useful info -- IF the number is a legitimate agency.  Telus' challenge becomes that of determine the legitimacy of a number.


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That's assuming the scammers aren't faking numbers to start with, which they are in this case. They can appear as ANY number on call display. That goes for landlines also. If I see any call with my area code and the same first 3 digits of my number, I instantly know it's a scam.



  1. Be very careful where you put / use your cell #. If you sign up for contests or anything else (online or in person) and the company actively sells lists, you're gonna get scam calls / texts since they'll assume it's an active number and can date it based on when you signed up for things. This also goes for your email address as well. Use a junk one you don't care about when signing up for things.
  2. Make sure your number is not visible on any social network. (FB, Linked-In, etc)

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