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Why does it cost so much to hold a phone number

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When you have had a telus mobile number since 1996, why are you charging me $50 a month to ‘pause the line’ or hold the phone number for me till we get back from a 2 year international trip? Is this Telus way of saying that they no longer want us as customers when we return? Seems absurd.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Would probably need access to the account to take a look at the billing, etc. Have you spoken with our Mobility team to see what they could do about this?


It's called Vacation Suspension (legacy term Vacation Disconnect), *edit* looks like based on that link it's now $30/mth;

"While on vacation suspension, your plan cost will be reduced to $30 for Smartphone plans."


It keeps the account in suspended mode. The only issue is if you have device financing on you plan/bill, in which case you still need to make payments for the hardware, because it's not related to the use of the network/phone, but financing your 'loan' to get the hardware.


It shouldn't be $50 per device, heck, in that case you could just switch to a talk & text only plan (No Data) for less than that ($25-35).


Here's the details on Vacation Disconnect/Suspension, but price will likely vary by province and customer level (some of our business phones are $5/mth, some are more up to $15/mth currently, consumer plans likely $15+, but shouldn't be more than a voice only plan;


As, a last resort you can always port your number to a pay as you go plan for less (like $10-15/mth. cheaper if you prepay a bunch of months). It's a pain, but it's the cheapest way to do it.

Also, while it's an even bigger PITA, you could port your number out to the cheapest pay as you go company that you can find, and then when you come back in 2 years you have access to new customer rates & bonuses. 🤔

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the vacation hold is only valid for 6 months. The cheapest plan is $33 plus tax and we have 2 lines… it seems ridiculous.

Yeah, possibly/likely on the 6 month limit not fully aware of all terms/cons/limits/etc. Looks like it base don the link (although theoretically you could do 6 month within a calendar year to Dec31st and then 6more months renewal the next year 🧐 , but I wouldn't trust that to go smoothly once out of the country. 🫤


I'm more versed on this in the business segment than consumer where we've just been bringing back numbers off vacation disconnect after years of being off due to COVID as numbers of users increase year over year, we still add some on VD/VS as people leave/move city and we want to keep the TN or number range so customers still get to us, and not someone random new person.


As for cheapest price, I think it depends on the province for consumer (QC is usually the cheapest by a lot), and the promotion, but you're likely right with the lowest they would've told you for normal/postpaid service, $33 seems about right as the straigh up advertised is $35, but sometimes there are dollar here, $5 there discounts ontop, so can't speak to best offer they will give you (of course business rates are insanely cheap when you have many dozens of phones across a couple regions) so not up to date on pricing, someone else has that fun of RFPs.


There used to be the "Emergency phone plan" which was essentially for how some older people use cell phones (stays OFF in car glove box or living room drawer, and never used/on except in emergency) those were $15/mth for 30-100 mins local/TF only, but when I tried to get that as a spare for my folks last year, seems they no longer offer it. Of course now ALL phones have access to 911 so the emergency phone in the car doesn't even need a plan to access 911.


I think the cheapest from all carriers is $15 as a PREPAID phone plan on the secondary brands (Koodo, Fido,Virgin), my only annoyance with Telus/Koodo for my situation was the included 250MB of data was then charged at more than $10+/MB afterwards, whereas the other carriers simply disabled data after the limit is reached. For a phone for seniors who don't know data (and might think they are still on Wifi at home, or at Tim's, or the Hospital, or wherever) that $10+ per MB can reach hundreds/thousands in moments if they don't know it (especially with sneaky hidden background apps/processes or updates or even just app/network handshakes that they don't know are even happening).


For your scenario, DATA wouldn't matter, so it's likely the $15/mth on all 3 major carriers will be about the same, whereas someof the other smaller alternatives may be cheaper, hence my additional comment.


If it was $50/mth for suspending 2 lines, then that looks about the norm it seems (with a $10 discount for 2 phones). Like I said it used to be $15 for consumer, even for biz ours has risen from $5 to 7 to 10 to $15/line in just over 5 years (no discount during COVID likely because everyone was doing that as staffing plummeted).

So if it's $50 for both lines with no artificial timeline (the 6 months you mentioned and does seem to appear in that link), then that's still $20/mth more than prepaid, but easier to manage although with auto-payments/topup from credit card even prepaid isn't as much of a pain as it used to be. 🤔


Should definitely be easier & cheaper to just park your number with no usage. 🤨


Another option, which is also more painful to implement in Canada than the US is that you could always port out that number to a VOIP provider, and then still even be able to receive calls when overseas at no added cost. If you're still interested in using the number while abroad that's likely your best solution, BUT make sure whatever VOIP provider you go with lets you port your number back out again to a normal/traditional Canadian Telephone provider when yOu return.


That's just my two cells worth, others may know/have better options.🤷🏻‍:male_sign: