Why are you with Telus?


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Hey everyone,

I just switched to Telus yesterday. I had been a long time Fido customer till the time came for me to look at a more competitive plan – especially for U.S. Roaming. I searched some plans and found that Rogers had a good plan (the Share Everything plan). I took a look at Telus plans, but I doubted myself in making the switch to Telus. I have always wanted to be a Telus customer, but in previous years the price difference has been too costly.

I made up my mind. I drove down to the Rogers store to open up a new account. What proceeded was 40 minutes of incredibly disappointing service. After 40 minutes, I was told the system might be down. I was directed to come to the store the following day, but to first make sure I call ahead to see if the system is up. I wondered, if this is how I get treated as a new customer I can only imagine how I get treated as an existing one?

I swiftly exited the store and went with my gut feeling: Telus. Arriving at the Telus store, everything seems different. Brighter store, beautiful print material, nice and open spaces, places to sit, etc. In about 15 minutes I was out of the store with a working Telus phone. Later that night I chatted with support at 9:30pm to get my online account up and going.

For me, paying the additional $2/day for Easy Roam (versus Rogers' $5) is worth it. I value my time much more than that.

I am curious to hear other stories. Why are you with Telus? What made you switch? Why are you still with Telus?


Welcome to the Neighbourhood @swingkid ! Smiley Happy 

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My journey with Telus?

When looking for internet decades ago... Telus offered dynamic IP's, competition offered static IP's which was more open to hackers.  For security, people suggested I go with Telus.

When looking for a TV service.... Optik's wireless cable boxes meant there was fewer holes to be drilled into my heritage home.  Competition still does not offer wireless cable boxes.

When looking for a phone.... Telus offered CDMA, Rogers was TDMA and Fido would not be available for a few years with GSM.  CDMA was the faster standard at the time.


-Telus offers cellular signal repeaters at my office towers.  Co-workers with competition phones have battery life and heat issues as the phone needs to work harder to get a signal.

-Telus offers better coverage at my home..... family members with competition phones finds lots of deadzones around the home.  I don't care how cheap the competition is.... if they can't give me coverage when and where I want.... I'm not giving my money to incompetence.

-unlimited plans are available.... but it's 2G.  Useless for me if they want me to wait.

-Telus offers attractive service bundle that meets my needs.

-Telus has been setting customer service standards.... while competition leads with complaints....

-a few competitors have tried to challenge Telus based on price..... a few years later, I noticed they are begging for Telus to come along to buy them out and take on their subscribers.

Thanks Telus.... looking forward to TelusDirect and other innovations.



I am starting to wonder why I stay with Telus.  I spent over a year ( 1 year and 7 months ) not being able to call ANY toll free numbers.  This was reported, I was told there were over 800 people on the ticket and still it took almost 2 years for them to correct the issue.  

The packages compared to Rogers are Bell are sub par.  A friend described Telus as a great provider if you are a Senior.  Not enough service for too much money.

Now, since upgrading to the Galaxy S6.  I have little to no internet whenever I land on a 4G network. Even if I have full bars, NOTTA.  And guess what.  I spend 9.5 hours a day at work on 4G.  

I was told by agents and employees at the Telus store that there were not reported known issues, I was told to Factory Reset, get a new SIM and then I was told to send in my phone to Samsung for repair.  Which came back stating there were no issues.  And they just flashed the ROM.

I got a new phone after that, same issue. 

I did extensive research and have found others, not just Telus, but people that own the S6 and S6 Edge

that are all have issues with signal.  Researching further, Samsung has used a new Flex Antenna technology, apparently that allows the phone to get better reception through the aluminum and glass used on the phones.  Yet it seems this new tech has done nothing but cause issues.

4 months later.  I get a call telling me, from a Telus Tech Support Agent, that this is now a known issue with he S6 and S6 Edge.  What I have said all along has finally been confirmed after jumping through various hoops at my time and expense.

I was told that in the mean time a temp fix is to switch to WCDMA/GSM ( Auto Connect ).  I tried this and there was no difference.

I was told that Telus was waiting on Samsung to come out with a software update to correct the issue.  I questioned how it would be possible to correct a hardware flaw with software.  I know firmware can fix a lot of hardware issues, but in this case doesn't seem like something that could be corrected.

She explained to me, as an example that the antenna in the phone may default at a certain signal level percentage.  i.e. 30% just as an example. The update could increase that percentage in order to increase signal strength.  This would be great.  But at the same time I would assume by increasing that percentage, it would lead to more battery drain, at this point I would be willing to take the battery loss to have reliable service.

So now I wait...


So @mhinc in keeping with the topic of this thread, do you think your experience with the Samsung problems would have been different if you were with a different carrier?

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My experience parallels that of @xl 

I've been a Telus customer since I first had a landline. They were the first provider of ADSL network services and cellular services where I then lived. We subsequently dropped cable for Telus satellite, in part because we saw how involved the Telus staff were in our community, but also due to selection and price. When Fibre came available in out town, the deals made it a simple choice to stick with Telus, and taking advantage of service bundling. 

On the cellular side, the coverage Telus offers in rural areas of western Canada surpassed that of Rogers, until recently, when Rogers was allowed to piggyback on other network's infrastructure. Since I travel a fair bit for both work and pleasure, better coverage is a great benefit to me.  

Telus' customer service has been a positive experience the few times I have needed to reach them, but maybe I just get what I give. 

Based on my experience, I feel "why quit a good thing?"

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