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Why Telus keep ignoring customer's complaints

Just Moved In

Before I joined to Telus, I heard bad reputation about Telus customer service. Now as a Telus customer, I strongly agree.


I tried everything to hold a customer service representative to get a new promotion from Dec17-19 by email, chat, facebook and call.


I seen lots of questions, complaints regarding 10GB/$60 promotion on their facebook and Telus forums. However there's no proper answer for those questions and complaints.


Two day later after 10GB/$60 promotion finished, Finally, they recorded a voice saying that the promotions ended on Dec 19th. Thank you for the info from Telus. 


I think they tried to avoid to answer calls from customer who want to get 10GB/$60 promotion. 


Rogers, Bell and Koodo's customer service was different for the same promotion. Most of my friends got same promotion from other providers while me and my other Telus customer had to try everything to talk one of customer service representative which was impossible. 


I guess now I can talk to the service representative easily because the promotion has finished. They probably ask me to get another Telus services like internet or TV. I am going to pay off my phone balance and leave from Telus. I am paying almost $200 per month and I though my monthly payment includes nice customer services. 


Telus is a huge mobility service provider but their service is not good as even freedom mobile. They will lose all their customer soon if they keep treat their customer like xxxx.   


Just Moved In

Tried to talk to somebody since Monday, not for the $60 plan, caused my term will be finished on 26. No luck...


Called them 4 times today, tried to spoke with loyalty dept. Put me on hold for 3 hours, then the machine told me "no one can pick up my phone, try again later"





Just Moved In

I have to agree with you.  Historically my wife and I had very good service from Telus but we have both cancelled our mobility accounts as of yesterday due to poor service surrounding the $60/month 10 gig plan.  Both my wife and I had been with Telus for over five years.  We will also be cancelling our internet out of principal as we have no intent of supporting Telus any longer.  My wife and I spent at least 8 hours on hold/trying to get a hold of Telus over the weekend trying to switch to the promotional plan (we were not on contract).  Eventually we went into a Telus store after getting fed up with calls to customer service getting dropped.  We had also tried online chat dozens of times but it kept freezing.  At the store they told us we had to call in as we were already customers.  That was after waiting in line for almost an hour at the store!  My wife gave up on Monday night and switched to Freedom and I was finally able to get through to a customer service representative via phone on Wednesday but they would absolutely not budge on the offer since it had ended on the 19th.  I explained that we had spent literally an entire day trying to swap our plans on the weekend when the deal was on offer but that made no difference.  Truly unbelievable.  I switched to Fido yesterday and look forward to cancelling our internet plan as well.   


@JMK wrote:

Rogers, Bell and Koodo's customer service was different for the same promotion.


Koodo is Telus, it's a flanker brand of Telus, like Fido and Virgin are for Rogers and Bell, (I don't know what happened to Bell's Solo, if it's even still alive). As I read earlier in the week, this spur-of-the-moment 10-60 promotion was only supposed to be offered to the flanker brands, which are equal to Freedom in terms of service provided. Somewhere along the way that changed, and chaos ensued. That's what I read, but I don't know for sure; it's off the news radar now and nobody cares anymore.


Freedom Mobile doesn't yet have the reach to offer reliable service outside of big cities (Vancouver, Calgary, etc.), and they say so. They're very young yet, and the risks associated with that are too many for me. I've been with Shaw for internet and TV for decades, but won't touch them for mobility for at least another decade, if then. Cat LOL I'm happy where I am. I actually think the big 3 could leave off matching Freedom, because people who leave for Freedom will return shortly.

Helpful Neighbour

I concur everything negative about Freedom, but they do have their fanbois.....many no doubt work for Freedom. I was thinking about Bell Solo the other day, maybe it's now their flanker "Lucky" brand? 


I do agree about Telus' customer service. They have some serious issues with their overseas call centres that must be addressed immediately. After talking to them where they recite reponses in annoying a robotic fashion with heavy thick accents. Now, I could tolerate their accents if I wasn't already frustrated and they actually tried to empathetic and understanding. All they want to do is get you off the phone as quickly as possible. From my experience, they don't care about customer satisfaction or service. Every phrase that comes out their mouth is scripted and's like trying to  talk to a bot. 

@Dwayne888-- I get you, lots of people complain about not understanding the accents. Being Italian, and having immigrant family, heavy accents rarely bother me in person; on the phone the issue can be sound // reception quality when trying to decipher an unfamiliar accent. My son has complained to me a lot about Telus call reps, that they yell into the phone and he can't understand the yelling. He was a Shaw tech rep for a while, so he's taken many calls, and the complaints about not understanding accents work both ways. I've personally never had any accent from Telus but French, and I understand that just fine. I've never had a Telus rep try to hurry me off the phone either, just the opposite, they're always trying to keep me on the phone, asking if there's anything else they can do for me, etc. This annoys me no end. Cat LOL But they're just doing their job.

Helpful Neighbour

I'm European myself and most accents don't bother me on the telephone with a few exceptions: heavy thick accents like French speaking individuals, Filipino, South Asian. Part of my belief system is these people who are working in call centres are there primarily because of their communication skills which includes speaking. The customer experience becomes almost a nightmare when poor communication skills are augmented with ineptness or incompetence.


I've had about 4 dealings with Telus CSRs recently, one was French speaking, two were Filipino and one was English speaking. One of the two Filipino reps was simply awful and the other was attentive but at the same time, it was like speaking to a bot whereas the other two were actual "human". Those aren't very good stats in my book, despite it being a very tiny sample.