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Which Canadian Telecom-Ranked Highest In 2014


This press release by "JD-Power" is a bit old, but I considered important to released. Toronto: May-8-2014. According with JD-Power an overage, monthly bills dropped by $7-for costumers in Canada. The recent implementation of the CRTC-Wireless code in Dec-2013-As well as early measures, taken by some Telecoms to be in compliance it's been influential on this outcome.


The wireless code[1] established new standards like: 1) No cancellations fees after 2yrs. 2) Limit on data  & roaming charges (No compliance-with this one). 3) Ability to more easily unlock phones. 4) Trial periods without penalty & clear language in signed documents.



i) Nearly 32% of costumers still have 2yrs contract Vs. 57% with 3yrs. Satisfaction is higher, between those with 2yrs contract..ii) 16% of costumers-indicated their were charges Overage charges in the past 3mos. 11% said their bills were inconsistent with the expected. iii) smartphones penetration-grown to 73% in 2014-compared with 63% in2013.



For 3rd consecutive yr. SaskTel ranks highest in Costumer satisfaction-among full service carriers, with a score of (727-pts) which's 15 % improvement from 2013. TELUS-mobility (717-pts) followed SaskTel in the full service segment ranking) While among  Stand Alone-Carriers Koodo ranks highest for 3Consecutives yrs. With a score of (778-pts followed by Virgin with 753-pts.


The 2014 CAN-Wireless Total Ownership Experience Study is based in responses from 12,474-costumers, The study was fielded in [Oct-2013 to Mar-2014]..Question: What TELUS should do to Beat SaskTel in Costumer-Satisfaction?

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The future is unknown?


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The likely decline of monthly cost is from lower overage charges, as most 2-year contracts include unlimited national calling and texting, along with lower roaming rates for travel.



Still lots of complaints from people who are coming out of their 3 year contracts and spazz out from the new base price, due to the phone subsidy changing from 3 years to 2 years.  Those who sign a new contract(to get the phone subsidy) will also lose their existing 6GB per month and be stuck with a pitiful 1GB, with a massive cost to get 6GB back(unless you are in a competitive area like against SaskTel).




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