When will LTE be available to Northwest BC?


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As TELUS lights up LTE across the country, I would like to know when/if plans are being made for their own home turf in NorthWEST BC.  For example, Smithers, BC.  I understand there is customer base/cost ratio issues.  Thanks!


Hi Ogre, although we don't have a specific date as to when LTE coverage will be arriving in North Western BC, we are committed to expanding coverage in BC to reach the needs of all of our customers. This year TELUS will be investing $1 Billion on infrastructure in BC alone. Thank you for your patience while we work to bring LTE to you.

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Just a small disclaimer about LTE and it's usage. For most people the extra speed is great but it really depends on what that speed is used for. Also, the plan you have will also affect your experience as well. Let me explain:


When a person is connected to LTE, their webpages load faster, their images load faster, and overall, the experience is amazing. However, the downside to this is, for those who have smaller data plans, this can be a problematic thing. If you go to a website by accident, or if you just wanted to see one tiny detail of text, on a slower network, the entire website may not load fast enough (including images, videos, ads, etc). But on LTE, all of that will be loaded instantaneous. This also applies to videos. People have discovered at least a doubling of their usage because when streaming videos, a video will load in it's entirety whereas before, the video is only partially loaded and loads as you watch. This uses way more data than necessary. Most streaming sites have "video scrubbing" as part of its serves (that's the ability to scan or scroll through a video). This loads instantly even on 4G but this depends on the site itself.


Thus, my disclaimer is, if you have 4G and you have a smaller data package, it should be good enough for most usage. LTE is great but please be wary of the actual usage.

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