What would make Notes use this much data?


What would make Notes use this much data?

My son's phone recently did some sort of iCloud backup/transfer that used 2.4GB of data.  the only thing he had written in there was a website address for a homework assignment (at least when I saw his phone anyway).  we have since turned off Notes access to celluar data.  does anyone have an idea of what could cause this to happen?  my daughter used to have sytem services use up a bunch of her data but Notes doing that is new to us.  thanks!IMG_2767.JPG

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Make sure you turn off Notes on your email accounts. It maybe attempting to sync notes with an email account that is continually trying to connect and failing. Other then that there is no reason notes would be consuming that much data.


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Sync is definitely the issue!  Notes not only tries to sync way too often, but it will continue to pull the same data over and over again if it gets interupted.  

thanks, both of you.  i think i figured out how to "unsync" notes and i'll turn that off on all our devices.