Why every time I get a call it my mobile phone goes right to vm then it tells the caller my vm is full so they can't leave a msg. I checked my vm and it's not full. Can anyone help. I'm missing a lot of very important calls because of this. Thanks
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Do you have any saved messages in your voicemail still? Those count towards the total you are able to receive.

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You can also get a larger voicemail box of up to 25 messages for $5 per month. Should be available to add to your plan through My Telus.


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I can't figure out if you've purposely set all calls to reject and go to voice, or if it's happening against your wish. If it's happening against your wish on android, there are a lot of reasons: https://www.urtech.ca/2015/10/solved-samsung-android-voice-calls-going-straight-to-voicemail/ -- search it up, lots of advice around for android and iOS. For voicemail full when it's not, you'll probably end up having to contact Telus about it, get them to check it. Voice messages clear after 30 days, unless you save any for another 30. But Telus voicemail is sketchy at best. I have mine disabled.