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Hi, I recently phoned to inquire about signing up with Telus. I told the guy on the phone that I was still with another company and was just checking to see what deals you had. I had another 9 month on contract with the other company. His sales tactics were quite agressive (I wasnt used to that) and would not let me off the phone to call the other service provider to find out what it would cost me to cancel my contract. I had an idea of what it would be based on a previous conversation with my old provider a month prior, but I didnt have the complete information, like I thought I did.

I told your guy that I needed some time to think about the deal and research it and again he amped up his sales tactics and I got swept in. Yes, I do take responsibility here as well. So now I am having to pay more to my old service provider (and my son's) than I had originally thought. Your guy also told me the deal he was giving me was special and if I called back I wouldnt get it. Actually, he gave me the deal that Telus was already giving online, and a an extra $100 credit. So only the credit was different and I am sure I could have phoned back and got that. I consider myself stupid for not looking online first to see that the deal was no big thing, and stupid for getting suckered in so quickly. However I wonder why you have such heavy duty pressure sales? If I would have not gotten swept in, I would have checked and found that getting out of my other plan was too expensive for me at the moment, and I would have been in a better financial place to sign up with Telus a few months down the road. I dont totally blame you guys, as I am somewhat to blame here as well, but whats up with the agressive sales techniques? Not impressed, and I am just starting out with you guys. Smiley Sad

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All marketing outbound campaigns, regardless who it's with, have pressured sale tactics because they know that if they lose you on the first attempt, their chances of hooking you afterwards are extremely reduced. Also, most of these agents work on commission, therefore why they try so hard closing the sale. You would have not gotten a 100$ credit other than from them. It's exclusive offers offered through them only. I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your purchase. I hope however that you'll end up being happy with the service in the long run.