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Unnecessary Telus icons on iPhone

Just Moved In

Hello, I was referred to this website after leaving feedback that I was unhappy with the purple Telus icons that just recently showed up on my iPhone. I was informed that you would be able to help me remove them. How do I remove them or where do I go to have them removed? Thank you.



Community Power User
Community Power User

What purple icons? The name of the app would help.


Generally, one removes Apps on an iPhone by pressing them until they ‘jiggle’ then touching the x on the upper left corner. I’d be careful about deleting Apps until you know what they do. For instance, some are your access to your phone account for bill payment, invoice viewing, etc.


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Thank you for your response. The icons are not apps. The purple icon on the bottom right of the screen is for Telus Assist and it shows continuously from the log in page of my Account Overview until I log out and close the screen. The purple bar on the left side of the screen says Feedback and remains on the screen until I log out but is no longer visible while the Telus Assist icon is still there until I close the Telus page. They remain in the same place even when I scroll up and down. When clicked on or touched or held down, I am taken to the Telus pages . There is no holding down or x’s on the top right of the icons to remove them. I hope I have explained this okay. I have never had these until this week.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Those are elements on the website itself. Why not use the My Telus app to access your account on your phone instead of logging in to the web interface to access your account? The app is actually designed for an iPhone. The website, not as much.

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