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Unable to Roam with Verizon in USA

Just Moved In
First I had a iPhone 8plus, romaine worked perfectly on all carriers (att, T-Mobile, Verizon).
I just purchase a new iPhone 11 unlocked from the Apple store in the USA.
I am unable to connect to the Verizon network in the USA with the new phone.

Att and T-Mobile are both working, I also put my SIM card back in my old iPhone 8 and it worked right away on Verizon.

Decided to do some troubleshooting,
-reset network settings
- restore the iPhone
- update the iPhone
- went to Canada for a few days and connected to the telus network with no problem
- my partner also wanted a iPhone 11 so we bought a new one from the Apple store unlocked, the issue persisted.

I can see the Verizon network when I manually select the network, but It won’t connect and I’ll will keep saying no service.

The iPhone model in the states and in Canada is the same one, no difference on that level, plus all the network bands from iPhone 8 to the 11 are all the same.

Kind of desperate, since were I spend most of my time in the states, Verizon offers the best service for that region.

Called telus and they told me to call Verizon ?!? I thought that was kind of weird and haven’t tried talking to Verizon .

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you purchased your phone with verizon and your cell service (sim card) is with verizon. This is not a Telus issue, you wil lhave to contact your provider in which your sim card service is with.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Seems like phone issue, not a carrier issue if it works on iPhone 8, but not iPhone 11. Clearly your Sim (and the whole back end) allows connection to Verizon, so it seems not to be a carrier issue.


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