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Tried of slow data connection

This service is so annoying, I’m ready to go back to Roger’s. I’ve called multiple times about how slow the connection is. Can make calls and send txt no problem. But then Google or Spotify won’t even load. Multiple speed tests 1-5mbps. Unbelievable slow. I’m constantly turning on airplane mode then off to rest the connection, then when I call they tell me to reset my network in the settings works for a bit then back to slow slow slow.


Hey @BigEasy  Is this issue happening on 5G or LTE?

On lte, I’ve been told by a rep that the newest iPhone update is the main issue.
Evan [Mod edit: Removed last name]

That can unfortunately be a reason for the issues. You can always try a different SIM card as well at a near store

Oh ok, I didn’t know that would help? I’ll try and get to a store tomorrow. Thx.
Evan [Mod edit: Removed last name]

Yeah hopefully that fixes the issue!

By the way, I edited your reply to remove your last name. I like keeping customer's information safe.


If the new SIM doesn't help.  Consider performing a Network Reset on the device from the Settings to see if that helps.  I have never seen speeds that bad on the Telus network for 4G and 5G and that includes roaming on to the Telus network.  


I'm encountering an issue where the 5G network is not available in my area despite the coverage map indicating otherwise. This is quite concerning and frustrating as it affects my ability to make full use of the services. I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi @macware I recommend you follow our issue reporting process: Go to and click "report an outage". Then click on Report an outage. Fill out the form and our back-end team will do their best to resolve the issue ASAP



What device are you using? If it's an older device, it might not have the 5G band deployed in that area. If your SIM is more than 5 years old, you might want to try a new SIM.

Changed SIM card twice on my S20 Plus 5G, which is compatible with 5G networks.

Those and the s21's specifically have issues with Telus only. Considering band 66 and n66 work fine (personally tested on other networks), it's a Telus issue. This has been a known issue for quite some time.