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Travelling to the Caribbean

Just Moved In

If I travel to the Caribbean and connect my iphone4  to Wi-Fi, will I still run up roaming charges?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

If you connect to wifi... No roaming charges will come... Sometimes I forget to disable the mobile data, that's when it gets expensive.  If you remove the SIM card, this will guarantee you will not have roaming charges.

Remember public wifi is not secure without a VPN. People can evesdrop on your activities and collect your userid/passwords.

turning on Airplane mode when roaming. That is not necessary at all. I travel many times through out the year. I have never had a big bill if i had a bill it would be $20 or less worth of charges.. The way is to leave Mobile Network ON But leave Data Roaming OFF. At this point you will be able still to get incoming calls and texts. You dont get charged for incoming texts aslong you have a some kind of texting plan you use at home. You wont get charged for incoming calls aslong you dont answer them. But if you do answer texts or calls roaming rates can be easily trackable and controlled. Also it another good idea to maybe buy a travel pack if you want..