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We will be visiting from New Zealand August/September 2019. I am looking for advice as to what our best options for Calgary, Vancouver, West Coast Canada and Alaska (Anchorage). We both have unlocked Samsung A8 phones. Appreciate any advice. I realize that we will, most likely, need International roaming for the Alaskan leg of our trip. Just looking for options and ball park costs. Our POE is Vancouver.

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Telus' sub-brand Koodo might be a better choice to meet your needs. You could set up a Koodo prepaid plan to meet your Canadian and Alaskan telecommunications needs, with a base plan, add-on data, minutes and US data text and minutes.  You could also check to see if a US plan purchased once you arrive in Alaska would be a cheaper option. Use of a prepaid plan means you can abandon it at any time without future financial repercussions.

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This sounds very similar to a thread on the T-Monile boards. The prepaid T-Mobile One plan includes Canada and Mexico for roaming. However you would need to order a SIM from the US because they are not sold in Canada.

Depending on when you leave for Canada, you could order the prepaid SIM from and have it shipped internationally. I had to do this once when my SIM died while abroad.